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Lenz: No more wet ski boots

 After a day in the snow or in bad weather, your clothes will get wet. You wonder how you will manage to get them dry again before the next morning. After all, you want to get dry on the slopes again. We now have the ideal solution for you.

With the ski boot dryer by Lenz, you can always enter the slopes nice and dry.  

The innovative 3D design allows the heat in the ski boots to circulate optimally.

The ideal thing is, it not only dries your boots but also:


Warm ski boots & warm gloves

Since 1987, the brand Lenz is known for functional clothing in sports, work, and leisure. When it gets cold, we freeze first on the very edge of our body. In cold conditions, muscle strength and performance decreases by up to 50%. This increases the risk of hurting yourself. With the heated snowshoe dryer and other heatable products from Lenz, the body needs much less energy to maintain its "feel-good climate".


Lenz is known for heating products. With this brand, you stay dry throughout the year.


You won't be cold anymore!

Whether it is summer or winter, dry clothing is important. Whether you are skiing in winter and want to dry your ski boots or your sports shoes in summer. SkiWebShop has the right products for you.


The advantages of SkiWebShop

  • - Delivery throughout the year
  • - Luxurious and technical brands, unique in Germany
  • - Also large sizes are available
  • - Refund warranty


At SkiWebShop you can always get a personal consultation. For example, when choosing the right ski pants, the right size for your ski jacket or looking for the ski that suits you best. For questions and comments, we refer you to our customer service page. Our experienced staff and experts are happy to help.

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